Hey guys my name is Jacob! This is my blog. I try to keep God first in my life but we all struggle with stuff. I play alto saxophone as well as the fiddle. I love my family and my friends. Lions are my spirit animals and I love to rock bowties. Also food is great. Yeah definitely food. That is all my people. Roaring Lions


So I am happy to be back at school but I miss my friends and I have a desire to do so much but I just feel like I will never have time for it all. The only thing that I really have as truly important on my list is to grow in my faith. Thankfully I am living with Christian guys who will help with that.

Doctor 1950: Congratulations, Mr.and Mrs. Smith! It's a boy! Would you like to hold your son now?

Doctor 2050: Congratulations, Fae and Xyr Jones-Smith! It's an infant with male genitalia that is unable at this time to tell us what gender, if any, it identifies as. Was it planned or would you like me to perform a post-birth abortion?

I’ll fight for you, but I will not compete for you or your attention. I will match your effort.

I saw this quote and I kinda made it my own.  (via kbfoto)

I feel sick to my stomach. And not the physical kind



Please, please, please do not rebuke your friend with self-satisfying relish. No one should ever enjoy rebuking a friend. There will be a shaking voice, tears in your eyes, trembling hands, a sincere conviction, and a heart dripping with gracious love. You won’t expect them to…


I wish I had clear signs to make choices easy but it just isn’t so at this time in my life. I know what my heart and gut is saying but I don’t know if God is saying the same thing or something completely different. It scares me to think something that feels so right in my heart might not be what God desires in the slightest for my life.

Real talk

Some things have the potential to really hurt, anger, and upset me when they come from people who claim to care for me. I think they do some and then I always try and remember to “let love and faithfulness never leave you” when stuff happens.

I’m ready for another year of college but I’m not ready to be away from my fiends again. It’s happening and I can’t do anything to stop the changes happening. Growing up stuff.

Jesus Christ has tattoos so like that probably makes them ok. In fact, tattoos are rad. #Revelation19:16