Hey guys my name is Jacob! This is my blog. I try to keep God first in my life but we all struggle with stuff. I play alto saxophone as well as the fiddle. I love my family and my friends. Lions are my spirit animals and I love to rock bowties. Also food is great. Yeah definitely food. That is all my people. Roaring Lions



[HT: Rare]

Americangunfacts.com recently released an info-graphic with some shocking stats about guns in the United States. Shocking, if you are a liberal of course.

Tonight was fun. I got to see the besties, had Japanese food, wrestled with my friend and brother, after a strenuous nerf sword fight and then we went to eat ice cream.

Old man: It's dangerous to go alone, take this. *hands you sword*

tumblr Link: don't give me a weapon to protect myself, teach the enemies not to attack me!

So I am happy to be back at school but I miss my friends and I have a desire to do so much but I just feel like I will never have time for it all. The only thing that I really have as truly important on my list is to grow in my faith. Thankfully I am living with Christian guys who will help with that.