Hey guys my name is Jacob! This is my blog. I try to keep God first in my life but we all struggle with stuff. I play alto saxophone as well as the fiddle. I love my family and my friends. Lions are my spirit animals and I love to rock bowties. Also food is great. Yeah definitely food. That is all my people. Roaring Lions


Bitter sweet news

I so wish things were not the way they are now. It’s a good thing but then again it hurts cause my friend isn’t coming back for months. Like dangg..

Pray please

I have my second accounting test Thursday that if I fail I will have to drop the class and get a withdrawal on my transcript. Pray that I will make a decent grade and not be nervous or stressed about it. Also pray that I can stay focused when I am studying for it. Thanks


Out with the old and in with the new.

Today’s youth get it. They are rejecting the selfishness of the baby boomer generation and becoming the Pro-Life Generation. Today’s technology makes it clear that we were the same human being while unborn that we are today. Social media is exposing the truth hidden behind the windowless walls of an abortion clinic.

Human rights belong to all human beings, no matter what their stage of life happens to be.